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Riding the Twisties On The Old Pacific Highway

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This video is me riding "ROSIE" (my 2012 Victory Cross Country) through the twisties on "The Old Pacific Highway".

This road use to be the main highway that ran up & down the East Coast of Australia before it was replaced with a three lane motorway on this section other parts of the highway remain a single lane each way. 


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Nice video. Looks like a good area to ride. Like the country

What a great piece of highway!!! Love it. Thank you for sharing

I'm nearly sure that wasn't the first time you did that road! Smiley-wink Nice and twisty road to ride Matt, I thought I saw 80 (?), but I don't think you did 80 huh??? Don't you have a lot of points they control your speed?

Thanks for the ride, great to see!

Its ia a very fun section of road & definitely a favorite amongst riders.
Yes Gertz you are correct but this was a weekday & the law would have been on the motorway lol

I can see why that is a favorite road to ride. Unlike our Pacific Hiway (101), yours looks to be in fairly good condition. Ours has a lot of needed work on it and constant work. It gets a fair amount of traffic on it as the interstate that parallels it is 2-3 hours east of it.

Great stretch of road...and nice video...well done!

Looked like fun Matt!
Try riding the old pacific highway further up north, where they bypassed Bulahdelah through old towns like Wotten.
Because it doesn't get used it has grass and moss growing on it. Now there is a experience!

Nice sunny ride while I get to set here -5 up to 0c. Thanks for the ride.

Go Rosie go!

Nice vid Matt. I bet you had fun.

Not sure who enjoyed it more me or Rosie Lol

Like riding Hero from the skull cave. Smiley-wink

Looks like you had fun Matt.

sweet ride!!!!!

Great piece of road Matt , best to do through the week , not so many would be if they could be's . Love the ride up there and two top places for a coffee and pie . The Warrior and The Pie in the Sky .
Awesome vid mate .

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