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Roadie caught again, suffers consequence

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probably needed a bath anyway after all he has been through...poor roadie with all that abuse, he just wants to fit in you know??

The little thief deserved it.

Ohhhhh.... that freeking Animal knows how to swim!!!

Of course Gert how do you think he got back to Marek's that night

Big bully. Pick on a drunk wolf your own size

Ya what Valerie said! Maybe he needs a vacation with Valerie huh....Oh the humanity

He said no way in hell does he want to back to Valerie 's as she makes him work

Damn straight. If you want to eat at my house you better pull your weight

I'm with Roady I'd jump in the water for a bottle of booze. and for work I'm OUT Unless it installing CHROME

We'll try that scenario out when we are at Yellowstone. You'll look like a steamed lobster then. Even Roadie will avoid that one.

Oh Shit !
If I`d been there I`d have to jump in to help that little critter !

See Roadie. Life wasn't so bad at my house was it.

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