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Roadie Got A Surprise

Watch on Vimeo

That wolf keeps telling me he has never seen the ocean. As much as he has traveled I find that hard to believe. But to cheer him up we took a little trip to the Texas coast. It's 200 mi each way but it was a nice day so off we went. But Siegfried and I did not tell Roadie where we were going so it was a surprise



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Glad you took him to the ocean. Looks like he had a good time. Didn't seem to take you as long to get home as it did to get there, lol. Good video

Without Roadie razin hell I can drive a lot faster....
Besides, it got dark...

I believe that. Yes need to slow down after dark

good video but no booze for roadie how do you do it?

What a great ride Val! Nice looking roads, good weather and beautiful views! It was a long day ride as you arrived home in the dark isn't it?

Watch out! You showed him boats, that's the next thing he wants! Now he wants you to take him on a boat!!!

I saw you wearing a leather jacket on your way home instead of your vest. Do you always take some extra with you in your saddle bags like I do most of the time? Is there a lot of temp change talking about riding during the day and when the sun go's down?

Thanks for the ride! Very nice vid!

It's actually easy Wayne, I keep a close watch on my wallet....
If he ain't got no money he can't buy booze... The hard part is he keep hitting on everything and everyone
Gert, The ride is only about 2.5 hrs each way, but I like to play on the beach so we were down there about 6 hrs and so it was getting dark when we left
This time of year I carry my jacket, gloves , a neck warmer and rain gear where ever I go and take them on and off as needed. The weather changes quickly and I can adjust as needed, I love my new big saddle bags cause there is plenty of room for stuff.
No I wont take him on a boat, I would be too tempted to see if the little shit can swim.... LOL

Julie wants to know if she can be Roadie? He's got the life

Will she fit in my trunk???

Yes she will

Damn Allen.... She didn't look that small in the pic you posted... I guess it's true that the camera adds size... LOL

A lot of size

She said she would sure try

LOL. So tell her to start practicing. when she can get herself down to 24x16 we can stuff her in...

Great ride Val...
You should check if that little guy can swim...

Will do Valerie

LOL Marek and when he sinks like a rock do you really expect me to do CPR on him???!!! Who knows where his pointy little snout has been!!

Yeah you wouldn't give him any booze, so who knows, lol

Great ride/video Val...he is playing you, but you already knew that. It would be just his style to fake drowning in order to get you to do CPR on him.

He fooled you again. He has been drunk stoned and lying on the beach in Sweden, boat cruising in Turkey. Sucked you in big time. That slimey little creature is a compulsive liar.You fell for his good looks and took him to the beach. Nice vid Val

I suspected some such, but it was a nice ride anyway and it gave me a chance to wear in my new tires.... LOL

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