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Roadie.... this is the last straw

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Roadie has overstepped the mark one too many times now. He must now suffer the consequences!



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Hmmm, I'm a little concerned over the grin by Annie after she told him he is getting a procedure, not to mention the comment by the Vet that this is her favourite procedure!

Annie, this was amusing. Well done.

Beachy, Here is a recent quite from you "Norm,you have way too much time on your hands!". Based on what I just saw you are the one with way too much time on your hands!

You really, really scared me for a moment! I was thinking: WTF are they doing to my buddy???? And Adrian telling him: "It´s allright Roadie, You´ll be Ok" .. and then........

A few heavy tears run down my chick.... What a anger, what a terror.....
You are lucky it´s only a prank! Otherwise I would revenge my little brother ....

Great entertaintment thou!!!!
Thanks for a laugh....
P.S. What a good sport from vet doctor....

thats sad

Ouch, for you gents that ride with Roadie, I wouldn't let on that you know anything!!!!

glad it was a prank, I was real concerned about the next generation, I was screaming run rodie run. good stuff, funny

until I read the last line... I wanted to ask you Adrian how many do you have left...
that's one cruel prank! I'm going to disclose it!

Very Funny good humored dr as well. You should have handed Beachy the razor when she did Roadie bit rough looking buddy

He was so frightened his 'old fella' retracted back inside himself! (Ps nice Jelly Beans!)

On the farm [that's Ranch for all you Americans] we castrate young cattle and turn them into steers all the time. At least he was not threatened with branding and ear tagging as well. BTW if you want to brand him you are welcome to borrow mine which is TNT, there is an underline under the first T but I could not work out how to make it appear here. Seriously, I do not know how I managed it but my actual brand for our livestock is TNT [it stands for Tenterfield, my wife's home town and where the farm is located, Norman (me) and Trish (she who must be obeyed)].

Tell him to suck it up as next time there will be consequences to continued bad behaviour. Yes I am a harsh uncaring so and so but dogs are working animals not people, even famous ones.

Very funny . Don't think I'll eat jelly beans again though.

whatch out beachy you could be next

I tend to agree with Lee, Beachy if Annie ever invites any of here mates over for a drinking session you must abstain. However with a head like that first thing in the morning, I'm surprised she doesn't give you a paper bag to wear to bed along with your superman jammy's and yellow chaps.

thanks for putting a smile on my face Annie

Ohh thanks a lot Cliffy! I amnot normally that good looking in the morning. I have had a rough week, some days I look downright feral!

Sorry mate I was just a little overcome by the shock of seeing that handsome looking face so close to the camera.

cliffy thats GOLD mate well done

Thanks Lee but am a little nervous about the salvo I may recieve from Annie, Glad I'm in N.S.W.


Thanks Annie............needed a laugh. Be safe my friend !

Great job folks, a good laugh.

Cliffy, did I mention we will be in NSW in the near future?

Just look at him he was shaking with terror not knowing what you had in store. Its ok Roadie We will take you on a long holiday and that will bring you back to normality

When exactly did you say you were coming Beachy. I might have a road trip planned.Especially if Annie is bringing any of her equiptment !!

Dennis you make have to pencil a trip to a phsycologist first to calm the poor little fellow down after his visits to the East and South.

Poor Roadie. He's lost his pills. Now he will get depressed and hit the booze with a vengeance.
By the way Annie. Put a blade in beachy's razor. Strop never looked like that. Smiley-laughing

Cant do that Tezza. They used the last razor on Roadies goolies

One thing´s for sure.. I will never drink with you guys... It´s too dangerous.............

It wasn't Roadies bad drinking habits that were the problem.... after experiencing Steves camel, he just wouldnt leave anything furry alone .... especially poor Merkin!!

Cliffy, It wasn't one of Beachy's best mornings when we made the video ... he had had a rough week. lol

Don't worry, if we come to visit, I won't be bringing any 'equipment' !!
I'm actually a very caring, kind person.... really i am!!!! Just ask Beachy!! Biggrin
(Roadie may have a different opinion though)

poor roadie just bloody male annie lol. cliffy u are luckie you are in N.S.W but her work is just around the corner from me lol

Beachy is it true you have just joined the SA Mens Choir as a soprano ??? and Roadie as well

You started giving me nightmares, never let the doc rush things, wait until the lidocaine kicks in before the snip. if roadie doesn't settle done, you'll have to send him to me. As a pharmacist, i'm sure I can come up with some chemicals that will curb him, both the carousing and the drinking.

Just think Lee it could be worst Karen could be living around the other corner. I love N.S.W.

LOL very entertaining, warn me next time I'll make sure I have popcorn.
What good sports the doc & nurse were Smiley-laughing

I just showed Julie. She's still on the floor laughing her head off.
Bloody great video guys.

Just watch out Tezza Don't let her get any ideas.

I'm safe cliffy. Smiley-wink

Until Katoomba Tezza!

Ah ha you carry an unloaded side arm Tezza???? lol

Phew. I sweated that one till the very end.

That is disturbing and funny. Which I think makes it even more disturbing...

Lol Eric ! Smiley-laughing

I'm going to be happy when I have a strong enough signal again and can watch this.

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