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Roadie's farewell

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I guess with that he wont make it to the Blue ridge.

Not unless Uwe decides to show up and bring them

Tell Uwe to come. He wimped out on yellow stone

Roadie ware out another traveling box or did he out grow it. He dose travel heavy.

That was a great tribute Randy!

Yes he wore out his other traveling box or should say the carrier services weren't very kind to him. Maybe they would have been more gentle if it had been stamped handle with care.

Nice tribute Randy.

Well done Randy, back to Uwe where his travels around the world started!

An excellent but sad departure. I wonder if we'll hear from him again.
Even though he was a problem, I did enjoy his company when he visited me and others in Aus.

Hmmm? His pack brothers and sisters are still roaming. Might run up on one sometime.

I bet when he set off he never dreamed he would go so far for so long. He survived being wolfnapped, lost, accosted by assorted household pets and going around the globe at least once.

I'm happy we were able to recover him that one time. I thought I was going to drive to NC in person to get him back.

At our house he learned how to climb up a wine rack.

How did you ever get him back??? I would love to hear that story.

I ended up getting Al in Australia to write Animal a letter. I sent him one too since I still had the address. Figuring all is lost Roadie showed up on my door step with no expiation. That's how he got rescued.

By memory, he had an incident with some Japanese students as well.....

Just don't send him back here. He left with all my little bottles of Jim Beam. HI STEVE

Hey mate!

I won't tell on you Roadie. We won't let Wayne know what really happened with them.

Happy travels Roadie & Foxy Lady.
He must be one of the most well traveled critter.

Hopefully he made it to Uwe's place before Interstate 5 burned up and shut down by Dunsmir, CA.

Check the tracking number. In there logic they would of sent him to Nashville TN then to Dunsmir. I have wondered if any of them understand geography.

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