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RoadWolf gets a piercing

Watch on Youtube

RoadWolf wanted to join the other Aussie bikers with their ear-bling. 




Well Adam wont be doing my ear .

Ouch, poor little fella! But he does look a whole lot cooler!! Smiley-laughing

Should have sterilised the knife with a cigarette lighter!

Yap, now he is a "Bad ass" biker!!!!! I love that Aussie style piercing procedure!

looks like he had no any other choice but to join them LOL

very good

The headpet is p*****g himself laughing.

I wonder if a tat is next? When they shave him, will the fur grow back like normal?

Go Roadie!
Must have ear-bling to be an Aussie biker eh?
I didn't notice any new piercings on Uwe since his return from Australia...

They are hidden Kyle. Only Tracy has seen them.

Now thats a piercing needle

Wait till our Northern friends see what we use for other procedures !!!!!!!!!!!

That's not correct! When I asked my wife for a piercing she put it through my nose? and told me that's where all tough bikers like me wear it? Did she spin me a tall story or what. Smiley-cry

Rumors, Steve, those are all rumors Smiley-wink
What's next for Roady, get a tattoo?!

Uwe, I don't know why you insisted on me coming in with you while you got your piercing.... I am still in therapy and I can't clear THOSE images from my mind. :P

That's not what Tracy told us!!!

Very cool look on the RoadWolf. Should be hard to now keep the ladies at bay!

That little bee was far too close for comfort!!!! Very nearly an unwanted piercing!!!

You should have micro chipped him too.

Will he get through the metl detector at he airport?

Very Cool, definitely a improvement.

Very cool!!
(I can arrange the micro chipping :D)

Phil did you really get a "Prince Albert" ???????????????? Is that what Uwe was saying

Something like that. Who knows what he says when he's been drinking.

HOLY CRAP. AND ALL WE USE HERE IS A RUSTY 16 penny nail heated with a 2 bit cigarette lighter. Cool look roadie.

I don't think I would call Albert a Prince ...

No, but there are similarities.......
Sorry Al, couldn't resist.

Sorry Uwe...I'll have to Google that. Smiley-wink lol

I guess I'll cancel my trip to Oz if I have to get a piercing to ride with any one. On 2nd thought, I'm MAN enough to not join the crowd and do my own thing. And by the way, was that piercing done on the "right" side as meanings can get all messed up as to which one's sexuality wanders? Me, I just avoid em so no mixed messages get sent.
-- Oh by the way for all of you have "ring piercings'. On the farm we used to put a ring in the pig's nose so it wouldn't root under the fence so much and also in the bull's nose to lead them around. Another reason I avoid them. I won't judge you as each to their own. Just sayin'

Dont know a lot about these things Randy but for those ones that stop the pigs you would probably have to talk with Al he knows all about those but Im sure he told me it increase the desire to get under the fence.

God help him if he decides to get a tatoo

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