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Roys Weird Science

The Ole Sabre creation

First time using Movie Maker and inporting pictures and music. This is a big experiment. I hope it works out.



Enjoy it

Cool Roy!!  Loved the music and nice way to show off all the accessories on your bike!!

Pretty cool dude.

Good Job Roy!!  Excellent display of all your accessories you have added, really enjoyed it!

Looks like it worked pretty good master of video

very well done.

I love it!, great job Roy!.


 PS. How did you get to Mr Brian Dennehy in the vid?Undecided

Well done Roy very entertaining. Cool

RMF, that bike is a thing of beauty.  Really nice video, too.  All you need is the bra headgear, and you're in business.

Damn, Ikon, I wish I would have thought of that because I am weird enough to wear the bra head gear and included it in the video.........

Good job Roy!  Can't wait to see the next one with the bra head gear on!!

That is a great video. I like how you put that together. Great song and just enough of the bike and wierd science. Great job.

good one , keep it up and lets have some ride out vids mate,TIM

Boy, that brings back a few memories.

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