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Running up the miles on the 2017 Indian, Running parts

Riding to Yakima WA. for some 169 MG B GT parts.  Only 85 miles one way.


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Nice video Wayne. I can't believe how sturdy the camera is. There appears to be no vibration at all.

No vibration, that's a good thing. Brake the Indian in right

Just run fast and hard.
The Indian does not have much vibration. The only time is when I get ready to shift the floor boards vibrate a lot. Between 2300-3200 RPM or above that no vibration. Once I shift no more vibration .

So in other words, full throttle between shifts

That is why they installed rev limiters. This engine is 5500 RPM The strat is 5800 RPM You run them up to the limit. That is why it's there. Lugging these two cylinders is 100 time worse than running them up on the RPM's. It is not good on the lower end or the cams puts too much load on everything. They were made too run so I run them.

The only way to break in a motor. Cool vid.

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