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Russell's Travel Center on I-25, a nice surprise stop

Watch on Vimeo

Stopped at this place on my way back from Eureka Springs, AR ride.  Glad I did.  It was free, donations are given to a charity.


Own Video: 


That's one heck of a place!!!

Nice spot.

WOW, the memories came flooding back. My dad owned a Texaco station. I pumped gas into a whole bunch of cars like the 50's and 60's in that museum. 5 songs for a quarter at Bob's Diner.

I spent about a half hour in there. Could have spent way more taking time to examine and look at all the little individual toys, games, pics, etc along the walls.

What a cool looking place.

That looks like an all afternoon place.

It easily could have been Capt.

Great spot Randy and looks beautifully maintained you could definitely spend some time in there.

A good place to visit for sure.

So much packed in - Excellent !!!
Ride Safe ...

They had a great collection
You find alot of interesting places Randy

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