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Safety First

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Accepting polssken's challenge.



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Well done Terry ... can't be too careful with those vicious lawn mowers!!

You missed a spot. Well done Tezza.

Good job Terry. You just never know what the mower with throw up

That reminds me thanks mate I better get to it before the neighbours start talking.

Thought the mower was gonna throw you for a loop. But you was ready for it. Good job

Good job staying safe. Remember two hands at all times so you don't lose control

Thanks for bringing me a big laugh this early morning Terry! Reminds me to the funny vids we did not that long ago in the contest... I'll also accept the challenge, but I'm still thinking about what to do.... Great idea and vid Terry! Are you sure your neighbors didn't call a doctor to check your mental health as they saw you working in the garden dressed like that??? Lol

Thanks guys. Must consider safety on all jobs around the house.
Gert, I thought about it and I'm sure that if any neighbours saw me they would think I was a bloody idiot.
Well I am and proud of it. Smiley-laughing

Yes I know dress safely while mowing the lawn. the one time a didn't I ended up with a spider bite on my foot as I wore sandals while mowing with the reel push mower. Guess he didn't like me messing with his house. The reel push mower has now been retired and use a Neuton mower.

I had an old rusty lawn mower. You needed a suit of armor from the stones that came thought the deck at you. It finely threw a rod and Betsy refused to let me fix it .

I'd say that lawn mowing is bit more hazardous than painting. Smiley-laughing

Painting is probably more dangerous, we get more people falling off ladders than mowing accidents in the hospital.

True that

They make up for it when they reach under a running mower. Now see if you can count to 10.

WOW!! you're set for real mowing I didn't see and beverage to keep you hydrated.

You did it Tezza!
Thats awesome...
Safety first brother!!

Thanks guys. Thanks Marek for entertaining us.
I cant wait to see who else takes up Polssken's challenge.

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