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Saturday Arvo Ride To A Car & Bike Show

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Another Saturday afternoon ride.



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Very cool!! Looked like a good turnout.

Liverpool, aint that in England??

NICE show and had a good turn out and mixture of cars and bikes..

Thanks guys.
Yes Val. There is a Liverpool in England too.

Hey some really nice vehicles there - some - well, best say nought about .... I liked the Heritage & Sidehack ..
I could have watched more of them .... Well done Terry - Keep em coming ...

LOL... I think there is a Liverpool in Australia too Terry, because the name was used in England first!!! Smiley-laughing
Some people invest so much money and time in their car or bike but they look great!!! Nice vid Terry!!!

Great selection of cars and bikes...

nice cars!

Just a wee bit of money and time invested there and I'm using the word invested loosely as it is not a true investment as one makes money.

That old Corolla was sweet!

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