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Scout Horn Replacement

Watch on Vimeo

The standard Scout horn was too quiet so I replaced it with a Stebel Horn. 136Db.



Own Video: 





Now that's a horn!

Blow that horn!

Huge difference Tezza definitely another worthy modification

Big dif

Big difference.

.great upgrade!I ... and a necessity...I put a freeway blaster 130db to replace my meep meep ...what a difference

Hey I'd like to see a walk around showing your bike! It looks like a great looker!!!

Sounds way louder . Great investment.

Thanks guys.
Todd, I'll do a walk around video on the next ride.

Good job ! Polite horns suck!

Seems like a not so good place to have a horn mounted - But the NEW one is WAY Better than the Laughable Stock Horn - I don't think it would pass ADR's ??? Maybe not quite as good as my Truck Air Horn though .....
Can we find a tunnel or underpass to do a side by side test one day maybe . Might be interesting ???
Cheers Tezza -
Ride Safe ...

That's better!

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