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Second season ride, checking the battery at Ap’s bikerstore...

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It looks cold and wet, but a rides a ride. Glad your battery checked out okay.

Good to check the battery each year. Now you know the bike is ready for this next riding season. The was lot warmer than the last ride at least you on the + side. Still need electric gloves..

Wayne, I have heated grips on the little one. Works oke for me together with the little windshields to protect my hands from cold wind...

Looks like you had a great ride and good to see that your battery is OK. Sometimes those batteries won't recover if they get discharged too much.

Glad your battery checked out good. Nice video. Glad you have your priorities in line, smoke, then coffee, and then your battery. Lol

The cold sucks the battery faster. That is why I use the battery tender in the winter time. The best thing I have found to ward off the cold, dress in layers and the outer layer being wind and rain resistant.

I try and not ride in the rain and cold but the wind is just an everyday thing. If you want to ride you have to ride in the wind.
I keep all my battery's on a tender. The 4 bikes ,motor home 3 batteries , trailer, 57 Olds. It sure saves the battery's I have had them last up to 10 years on the big stuff and over 6 on the bikes. On the bikes I change them out after 4 yr. I am still waiting for my first ride of 2018.. I have stuff stuck in front of the shop and no way to get them out. Until I get the pick up repaired.

Randy, I did. Four layers of clothes, t-shirt, sweater, hoody, leather jacket. Feels like a mummie but warm enough for a little ride!

Wayne, the Yamaha has a battery tender. No problem with that bike and that one is the shed so no cold wind. The little Honda has only a roof above his head so wind has a free game on that bike. I don’t have any electricety iwhere the Honda is parked, in my front garden. I think that’s a project for next summer so next winter I can charge the battery all the time I don’t use the bike...

You answered the ? Gert in that you don't have electricity to where the Honda is parked.

I don't ride in the cold or a strong wind. Learned about the wind going through Nebraska. Don't mind a little rain

I think it is funny that some bikers snob at people who ride scooters, but yet at work, there are more scooters in the warm garage space by the ER versus bikes.

What did they use Gert? A battery load testor?

Yes, they did Todd and everything was fine.... The only problem was, after two months in the cold not using the bike the battery was flat. I started with help from the battery from my car and did a few km’s so the battery was loaded again. I went to Ap to check the battery, he did and told me everything is ok. “Just go for a little extra ride”, he told me but the battery is loading fine... so I did and tried to start yesterday again. I switched the key and right from the first start start the engine was running so it all works! Better checked, because now I’m sure!

Nice vid Gert but can you send some rain down to Oz. Four degrees is a bit too cold for me but we are at the opposite end of the temperature scale. Don't you just hate it when those large vehicles just pull out in front of you.
It's good to see that your battery is OK but have you checked to see if something is draining it even with the ignition turned off.
See link

It doesn't make the difference whether a large vehicle or a small critter, one does not want to run into them. As they say, we are invisible.
Gert, how far is your nearest plug? Do you have any outside? I would get a heavy duty electrical cord to run to it and put a battery tender on it.

This summer i’ll make a elctricity plug outside in the little shed, so next winter I haven’t the same problem anymore.

Terry, Ap checked it and told me everything is ok. Thanks for the vid! This morning I started the bike again and first time I turned the key and hit the start button the bike was running, so no problem at the moment!

About the rain in Australia. I’ll try to send some to you if you promise to send half of the 40 degrees to Holland. Seems as a good idea to me, just share!!! LOL

I'm working on it now Gert. Prepare for some hot weather.

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