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Sept. Viseo Contest


Awesome !!! You Good Girl !!!! Smiley-laughing
Respect !!

Rescued pets are the best. you have a sweet little pet family

Yah Julie, have you noticed that broken things always find each other..... just sayin

Awe, they are so sweet. And so are you for rescuing them!!

Way to go Valerie. They needed a home and you gave them one. Hope they all get along. Nice video

Nice video Valerie. I'm not the biggest fan of cats, but strangely enough. Every time I visit people having cats, It seems to me they know it, because they are sitting next to me or on my lap in no time! Great little dog, playing around with toys nearly bigger as the dog himself!

Nice vid!

Cats do that on purpose they like to get you. Magic on the other hand is afraid of everybody but me it took my son 2 years to get close to her

Cats are cool. I love all animals, but I'm more a cat person. Guess I'm just a big pussy. LOL.

I Never Had A Small dog before this one sounds like she's going a hundred miles an hour and she's really not it's funny to watch she only had 5 days to live when I got her out of the pound they're going to kill her she belonged to an old lady who went to a nursing home and the family didn't want the dog she's very sweet but very fat

I'm glad you rescued her in time. They always seem to be able to make you laugh, especially when you need it. I picked out an older cat, I could have got a kitten, the SPCA had many, but I thought hey older animals need homes too!! Tinkerbell is one of the best cats I've ever had.

Well done Val. You know the old saying.
Dogs have masters.
Cats have slaves.

Thanks Terry.... From a king to a slave in 8 minutes. LOL.

Bill that's funny. I had a Siamese for 21yr.I just had to have her put to sleep last winter. Her name was Tinkerbell

That is funny. That was her name at the SPCA, so I kept it.

At least your weiner tends to fetch. Our female will fetch to a certain degree, but the male, he runs off with it and makes you chase him or wants to play tug of war. He says it's mine, I chased it down and I'm going to keep it.

LOL Randy, if I throw it outside she will get it and take it inside.

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