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Nice Tezza. That flip flop was the right size. But she didn't know if she wanted to wear it or play with it

Good video Tezza. She's a cute cat

I just love cats, when someone else has them. My daughter has 3 of them. Of course when I visit, the 2 of them have to let me know who is boss in the house. We used to have one. My wife rescued her out of a dumpster when she was a kitten. Not having a Mommy around to teach her anything, she was a wild one. Probably didn't help matters that I encouraged the wild hunting shenanigans. Eventually found her a home with some other cats and someone who would gradually tame her down.

A cat that follows you like a dog, that's pretty cool!

nice kitty. Cute too, nice video

She's great just like a kid. Give them the box the toy came on and they are happy

Thanks guys. She even visits me in my work place under the house. That's when she's not asleep which she does most of the day.

The cat who thinks she's a dog. Cute.

Adorable !!
Val`s right, the box is the best ! Smiley-laughing
Thanks !

Val's right. Mrs tezza buys her toys now and again but she won't play with them. But when I receive bling from cc she loves playing with the paper packing and the box.

It´s clear why her name is Bella... She´s a beauty...

Thanks Marek.

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