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A Short Morning Ride....

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This is just a quickie as I was tired from driving 30 hours in two days. Another warm sunny day!! Cool


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GOOD you got a little ride in. Get some rest 30 hr driving that is a long drive.

That’s good news Bill! Spring in Canada, even at your place! Nice first ride, enjoy the new season!

Any ride is a good ride. Dont matter how long it is. Be Safe Bill

Hey some of my best rides are just the 3 mile to work and back. Just enough to keep the itch away.

30 hours in 2 days? Shit I worked 15 hours driving gravel truck every day bill for weeks on end. You must be getting old there buddy


Ooooo im scared Mr Voodoo man pointing at me hope it's not a curse. Nice bike sound

Good on you Bill. Good to see your signature thumbs up.

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