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short ride from Medford to Rogue River and back

Watch on Vimeo

about 45 miles, went out before it got to warm and also had to sleep the afternoon so I could work the night shift.  Also found out Bird threatened to peck the Rebel to death if I didn't get her out for some flight time


Own Video: 


Nice little ride. It looked like a nice day for it.

This the same camera? I don't see any vibrations.

this is on the Bird, when this camera is on the Rebel, the Rebel has vibrations, it's not the camera.

Maybe you need smoother tires.

LOL so you are saying a should not be using sand paddle tires on my Rebel

Awesome Video Randy.
Keep'em comming.
BTW you may want to talk to your local authorities about the incorrect speed sign.

Good to see the 'Bird Flying - looking good .... nice vid ... Green Countryside - Sunshine - ENJOY!!!
Cheers & Ride Safe ....

Great riding vid with catchy music Randy.
Yes, I did see him. Looked like a young lad standing on the wall.

Same spot that I posted the bikini girl standing on the road with 2 guys looking over deciding whether to jump into the Rogue river

Nice ride there young man and cool music

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