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This is why we are heading south. Just to have some fun



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Not a bad idea. Saw on the news Pacific northwest is getting two more major snow storms.

I hate snow. I hate ice even more. Will be replacing the windshield in my truck soon. Even took out the wipers. Have fun in Vegas. Used to live up on the mountain side overlooking Nellis AFB.

When given a choice of 1/16" of ice or 3' of snow I'll take the snow.

Ice only belongs in a Jack and Coke.

When I got home there was another 12 in for me to shovel. Sunday I'm getting the backhoe. Then I'll have to figure out where to put it all. I agree Ice should come in small cubes..

Nuts !! Burned again. As gets solid to get the bikes out they put salt brine all over the roads. Then it a winter mix all the next day is coming.

I'm lucky here they don't use salt. They don't plow the roads or streets. That is on you the home owner. This is why I still have a backhoe. I try and keep the street clear for a couple blocks. I get to do it all over again tomorrow. Going to get a buddy's skid steer loader to help clear out some nighbors drive ways. I hate shoveling with a real shovel I rather use the bobcat or my hoe. It should be over by March 15 th here anyway.. I hope... Have a good week at any rate.

You got to love it. Allstate insurance has declared Baltimore the worst city in the country for bad drivers in bad weather. The roads never get a chance to be snow covered from all the salt they put down. The highways there look like Armageddon after a storm.

I have a self propelled walk behind snow blower and clear off the neighbors drive ways. I'd have way to much fun with a bobcat.

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