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Just  some fun removing SNOW around the neighborhood.  6-8 in more coming Monday through Wendsday. This is not good..



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This is today I removed all the snow yesterday and now I get to do all over again. I will be busy this week with snow.

Keep it!! We have more than enough here.

Your snow is all coming from California.. I think it should stay there. Only another 4 days of snow none stop untill Thursday morning

The ice storm broke the tree that broke my trucks windshield then melted just enough to let the sheet of ice on the trucks roof to slide down and tear up the wipers. The winter stopped the construction work on the street beside my house and makes a lovely sea of mud with each thaw. It is fun to watch the idiots drive around the barricades only to find they can't get thru at the top of the hill. Since my 8 foot chain link fence has been taken down, the local deer congregate in my backyard.
28 days till Spring.

I don't know witch is worse. Snow or the fact when it snows for every one else here is rains like hell. The place is a swamp.

My wife Trish still wants to experience that type of snow. I am having her committed.

Steve, take her to a snowmobile lodge. She gets to see snow and you get to trail ride a snowmobile.

Great idea!

We just had the warmest three days ever, yesterday it was 20.5 degrees… midwinter in february!!! Today it will be 12 and later this week around 10 again, but so hot we never had before! I didn’t go for a ride just because I couldn’t find the time to go. I had a lot of painting to do at the backside of our house. The weather helped me to do that job in those few days. Sunshine, nice temps, no rain at all… job isn’t finished but now it can wait till summer for the finishing touch… al preparations are done and the wood is protected against rain again… a job I realy needed to do.

The weather forecast was talking about a record for the time they keep the temps… 20.5 degrees! February, Holland… unbelievable… who is still telling our globe doesn’t change?!

Gert, there is NO doubt that climate change is real..................... where I live, only a few thousand years ago, there was almost a mile of ice! Those pesky stone-agers must have burned A LOT of fossil fuel to get it all to melt........
Or maybe............... it was that little ball of fire in the sky that rises every morning?

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