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Snow in Holland...

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Just a little vid showing my face after a lòòòòòng time... It’s realy winter in Hollland. -10 during the nights and still freezing during daytime and we have snow! Can’t wait till spring... I HATE WINTER!!! 


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I feel for you Gert. That is not my preference at all. I hate snow. What can you do about it. Easy . Come to Australia you can ride all year round. Chin up I'm sure spring is just around the corner and youy will be riding soon.

That's crap Gert!
If it makes you feel any better, wifey and I are riding up the coast for a week to spend time drinking beer on the beaches.

I like how the snow makes every thing look nice. But then the bikes are stuck home. I tried to go out yesterday. The ground was solid until discovered it was frozen accept the top 2cm. Like being on grease. Going nowhere fast.

Stay WARM my friend... Take public transport if you can, those roads look disgustingly wet & slushy ....
Cheers ...

I feel your pain as you know all too well Gert. Good to see and hear you my friend.

OMG Look how big the little guy has gotten!!! He's just fantastic.
Sorry about all your snow. Take heart, it will warm up someday

This morning around 7 it was -9 degrees, now 11 in the evening it +9 degrees and rain!!! That’s also Holland and a Dutch winter... snow is melting very fast at the moment... 18 degrees in one day... lots of rain and temps around +7 or 8 degrees during the weekend and Monday it will be below zero and... Yes! Snow again... Winter in Holland.

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