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some friends are waiting for me to arrive

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trying to figure out how to get there on the cheap


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So...Have you ever seen the ramp agents load suitcases? Bring the helmet.

I would think that would be a rough ride

Of course the helmet would be on my head. That is why I need a bigger suitcase to put all my gear on and then be loaded. Gotta have padding the way they throw things around especially the heavy ones. I may be a light weight but still heavier than most suitcases.

Have I got a deal for you... LOL.

I can guarantee you.... we will help you and it will fit on your way back home! Marek can sit on it and I do the sipper! No problem!!!! LOL

See you soon!

Gert who is going to sit on it here. I don't think Beka and Booger are heavy enough.

GOLF CLUB SHIPPING BAG.........perfect fit right there

I knew clubs were getting bigger in size, but didn't think they were that big. I know I would fit in one but don't think they are long enough.

Oh ya those shipping bags are huge......wouldn't it be a great bucket list item though for all of us that communicate here all get together and go on a ride? Should I win the lotto, I'll make that happen.

OMG!!!! Did you buy a larger suitcase yet????? Which color is it? Let me quess.... Neeeeee... I´m not going there... LOL

Now I can see the advantage of beeing a midget!!!! LOL I would EASILY fit in that case!!! LOL

So now you know how you can visit me without needing to when the lottery.

We can test some suitcases I have when you arrive... We can make plans... Conspiration plans... LOL

I worry about you Randy. Smiley-laughing

Terry the plane seat did NOT hand any extra room for me the only thing it added was that I didn't have to cut my head off

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