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Some more of the Hwy 97 ride

Have nothing to do but make videos at knight. Here is a forward vresion of Hwy 96 heading to Goldendale WA.



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Looks an awesome stretch of road, gorgeous weather and beautiful views!

....also..... did u get up to 88mph at some point and turn into Marty Mcfly?..... ur ride is dated 4-28-19 ;-D

Wayne always gets up to 88mph, lol

** I think I hit 100+ mph while passing the rigs. 88 is regular speed around here. Ant : I need to remember to get the correct dates and spelling at times.. We had a great ride..

Dates and spellin are not required - more rides and less speed cops are lol Biggrin

Not many cops around here. If your not weaving in and out of traffic they don't bother you. Most the time I just wave at them and they always wave back. I just keep on going.

Thare dies seem to be a lack of interest from them here too to be honest...... nice to finally becone one of the "sensible" ones Biggrin

I can remember when I was not that sensible but I lived through all that..

That looks like a nice stretch of road to cruise along. I can see you are really enjoying it

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