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someone wants to ride really bad


I want to ride, but not that bad. It wouldn't end well.

I'd freeze just opening up the garage door to get the bike out.

I hope he won the bet!

It's not me

No bloody way.

Hmmmmm - No Vid showing up - Something gone amiss somewhere maybe ??? Smiley-cry

Strange that Tezza saw it, I see it, no music with it to have copyright issue. Are you getting any type of message? It just looks like a pic until you click on it, then the video starts.

I caught a quick look at a street sign. This was some were in North Carolina.

Just a big lot of WHITE - Nada, Zip, Nuthin at all ??? Doesn't matter could be just my setup here - DOn't worry about - it may come good ....
Ride Safe .....

Mr. Pid rides again. You can call him Stu.

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