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Sometimes I look back to see some older vids...

Watch on Vimeo

For me this is one is of the great old memories and beautiful vids...



Nicely put together. Thanks for posting

Well Brother Gert - Incredible - absolutely incredible footage of the North & the Northerners - you guys are definitely a Hardy Bunch - I would have to have an I.V. (intraveinous) of Schnapps before I even ventured outside in your winters, too bloody cold for me .... but I would love to get over there for one of your Northern Springs when the country comes ALIVE ... Spectacular Scenery everywhere and some great roads by the looks of things and even waterfalls on some roads .... Very neat ...
A VERY WELL PRESENTED Video Production - A Credit to ALL Involved ....
Love your work - Keep em coming ......
Cheers - Take Care - Ride Safe My Friend -
Greg (frostbite)

Yes that was great memories of the many active people back then. Some still, but the numbers have dwindled quite a bit. Time for us to start digging people back up. I just reconnected with ranger rider 45 (Charlie Swearingen). He is still a kickin about south of Boise, ID with a new hip.

Yes. Great memories there. It is in my favorites.Some no longer with us and some just moved on.

It was good to watch again. So many great memories of the CC members.
Thanks for posting on here Gert. We have to keep this site going.

Excellent compilation Gert ... well done. Magnificent scenery

Some great memories there!

And the back story. This won video of the year and a gift of $150 was donated to the Motorcycle Ride for Dad in Calgary Canada. It's for Prostate cancer research and awareness.

Really enjoyed that Gert. A professional production. Cecil B De Mill would even be proud of you guys that put this together. Definetly one of the best vid's I've seen. Thank you.

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