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The South of Holland

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Glad you and Jan Dirk got out for a ride. You have a very beautiful and unique country there Gert. Thanks for the ride, I really enjoyed it!!

Gret vid. I love that fountain... And what the heck you did not stop and pick me a rose!!! Now I'm pouting.
The cake must have been very good. Your brother could hardly stop eating LOL

Old City. I'd love to ride there. Well done!

quite the mix of country, rivers, ferry, old town, cobblestone, etc. and got to see Jan. Valerie just wants you to get pricked.

Would you consider rephrasing that Randy????

Randy! behave. Smiley-wink
Thanks for another great tour video of your beautiful country Gert. Keep them coming.

Hey I get pricked all the time by that rose plant in my backyard. Tried cutting it off but just grew back

I think the term is picked.

Good to see you and Jan Dirk out together enjoying a ride. Good scenery in Holland. Nice production. Thanks for sharing

2 things (unless I get 3) 1st, there is Netherlands, and Holland. Which is the same or ? I never understood the if they are different meaning or not.
2nd (were on 2 right?) ok, I'm glad you were able to show the stop at one of the many outside cafe/beer stops. I pictured many times riding over there and stopping for a -5 celcius ice stuck to the bottle, BEER.
3rd...(told you I might have a 3rd one) We saw many pay toilets in france, do you have any in Holland/Netherlands? I didn't see any when we were in your area. If you do, you should post a vid on what they look like to the ones that have never seen them.........Great video Gert, takes me back to our 2 visits to your country.....

Looks fun you have a great spot to ride. Very nice weather for riding too. The towns are very good looking, we don't have any that old around here. Thanks for the brother ride..

Todd, to answer your questions:
1) The Netherlands is the official name but Holland is the same. Holland is mostly used in songs like songs for our national soccer team etc... It means the same, it's both our little country...
2) Maybe there are some places but. When I ride my bike I never drink anything with alcohol. I never saw them put some ice in beer?! What happens sometimes is what I know, they use glasses from the fridge soo the glasses can be covered with ice. It doesn't happen that often anymore, but there are still places they serve your beer in a ice glass. But you can also get a bottle and most of the time it's on a draft and it's a normal glass, but I never saw ice cubes in beer....
3) Pay toilets? Yes, we also have them and we have them at all different types and situations, even in shops, sometimes at gasstations. Sometimes even in restaurants, than there is a sigh; only for customers who ordered food or drinks otherwise you have to pay for use...

... And Val, about the rose... Wait and see for the postman! LOL

Billy and I and another friend try for a short ride every Thursday after work. Its a country road kinda ride off the main highway mostly and we leave around 6-7pm. We arrive at a small country pup that's been around for many years. Yes we each have a ice cold beer, but just one. I'll get billy to film it on our next ride so we can show you this great little pub.

I'm curious to see you guy's going for that ride and drink Todd! I hope you don't have to pay to use the toilet!!! LOL


I have yet to pay for a toilet here in the US but some places post signs for customers only thus buy a pak of gum if not getting any gas

I have yet to see a pay toilet here either, but the same goes that Randy mentioned about only paying customers can use washrooms signs.

beautiful scenery Gert . Always good to see something different to what I am used to

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