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Specially for Terry...

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Terry told me to make another "Voodoo" Bill's thumbs up video because my first one wasn't good enough... Well, here we go Terry, my second attempt, on your request... specially for you... hope you enjoy! 


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Too dark. LOL.

OHHHHHHHHHH please Bill?! Don't complain about the darkness, as it autumn and this is the light we have about two o' clock in the afternoon this time of the year! Lol

LOL well I thought the first was OK but what do I know....
Little Red is looking GREAT. You needed and excuse to ride her... Smiley-laughing

You need to be wearing some YELLOW gloves so we could see the hand action

You could bring your yellow jacket. In that case my black gloves would be visable enough with the yellow jacket as a background....

It was a little dark but the beautiful tune made up for it I think! Lol
Red looks just Fine and perfect for its purpose I guess !
I think you will enjoy it more when you get used to it !
Great Video Gert ! Smiley-laughing
Campain goes on ! Thanks !

I liked it Gert. Glad you are able to still get out and ride

That would work Gert, but I think it might not fit you. Allen, you can always get out and ride. The two questions are 1) do you have the proper clothing to enjoy the ride 2) is it safe to ride? May have the proper clothes but may not be safe, ie, ice on the roads. I could always stud the tires, but wouldn't enjoy the ride worrying about some one sliding into me.

I'll try to take care Randy, I've not planned to ride in snow and with ice roads... I want to use it as most as possible, all year around but surely not when it's not safe enough for me to go to take the little one for a ride....

Bill is right.... The video is too dark...
You HAVE TO do it again Gert!!!! There´s NO other solution!!!!

 photo 13.gif

Sorry Gert. A fine effort but because of the darkness and my eyes not as good as they used to be, I've given you 8 out of 10. The only way to get 10 is by doing it again. Smiley-laughing

That would make me working 7 hours to create a vid you're happy with Terry! Lol

Load it in the evening and edit the next morning ...
remember Gert ? Biggrin


Gee Bill. Your being a bit harsh!! LOL

Ohhhh I'm soo sorry Bill, because I did make a ride this afternoon, but I didn't think about you or even about thumbs up for a moment....DZJIEEEEE... WHAT A NICE RIDE having no thoughts about Bill.... Lol

Humph!!!!! LOL.

Gert, you got a ride in, that is what counts. At least you had the right signature, but I still can't get it right even in fine daylight.

Time Randy.... be patient..... I'll make another one, dressed in yellow surrounded by lights if needed! LOL

Did you buy a new jacket? have you hired several police to flash their lights behind you?

I'll wear such a stupid yellow little vest with neon stripes. I have a few of them as they were needed when we went to France. It's by the law in France you need two of them in a car because if there is any problem with the car driving the highway you have to wear them.... That's why I can wear a yellow vest, oke.... it's not a whole jacket, but the colors are the same, real yellow!!!

Gert is this a new law or a really old law about the vests? If an old law, guess I'm a criminal as I broke the law when we drove into France back in 1986 when we lived in Germany.

This law was stated in 2007 in Norway . Reflex vest in cars.
In 2014 it extended to motorcyles too.
If you must leave the car or bike on the road, you must have easy axcess to a reflex vest to put on !
Several countries in Europe has this law but not all .... yet !

Randy, I don't know the year exactly when it started, but I'm sure it's longer as 10 years from now. I wouldn't have noticed it and was just going to France for holidays, I'm sure... Because there are roads you know. But Simone always checks everything and she noticed it on the Internet before we went to go to France. It must be over 10, maybe even 15 years ago we went there for the first time...
I don't know about the year '86 as I left high school and started to work about the year '86... Smiley-wink (Yes!! I'm still that young!!! LOL)

I'm not sure about it being a law here, but they educate about having emergency flaress or triangles to put out beside the car to warn of the danger of a car obstructing traffic. The vest tends to make sense to have to wear when putting out the other emergency warnings. Although, as I have said before, it doesn't make any difference how bright you are, if one has their eyes on the cell phone or off the road for some reason, mute point.

Warning Triangles is required in cars and have been for many years in Norway ! That is a very helpful object to set some distance behind the car to warn others about the hinder they soon will come to!
West one use to be seen while dooing so and beeing visable on the road.
Phoners ... not to concider !

Warning triangles are also required in Holland, same as a first aid kit and extra lamps. (With those modern crap cars they are not easy to replace, but you have to show them the police when they ask for it). In some European countries you have to use snow tires from oktober till march, not in Holland, but going to Sweden it is because I have to pass Gerrmany, Denmark and Sweden and all those countries you have to use them by law... So, driving in Europe there are other laws in several countries and it's always good to use the internet so see what's needed before you go....

Yes I was learning about the differences here between Canada and the US. Won't worry about Mexico. I value my life too much

I think Europe is a bit different because of the distances compairing to US Randy. When I make it fast I can pass the German border within one hour, I only need two hours to go to the Belgium border. Specially Germany is really close by. You have to ride for days to go to Mexico and maybe even two whole days to go to Canada? US is sooo much bigger compairing to Holland. US is as big as the whole Western Europe with all its let's say 20 different countries and sometimes own rules and laws.....

Gert, I now know why my mind is going to mush, I don't need to know all the rules of all the other countries or have to know some pieces of other languages to find the bathroom and know what I'm ordering on a menu.

LOL... I'm glad I know a little bit of the English and German and a tiny little bit of French language... Otherwise, you can always point your finger on a map and you'll get it! Smiley-wink

I was in a hospital in Quebec 19 years of age , French part of Canada as you know. One doctor and one nurse spoke english, thats it!
We had a dinner menu but I was unable to understand a word!
I asked for pen and paper and made drawings and added with my voice and hands to imitate what I wanted was successful !
We get a Loong way with creativity of mind if we need to ! Smiley-laughing

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