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Spring In Summer

Watch on Vimeo

After some heavy rain and really hot days, the trees think it's Spring again.





Quiet bizarre, none the less still looks very nice

Thanks Dave. The video doesn't really show the fantastic colours though.

We just had the first heavy snow of the year. They're calling for another 18 inches, 45.72 cm. Want to trade?

After thinking for a few seconds. No thanks Edwin.

Very colourfull, but unusual for this time of the year for sure.

Wish it was like that here.

Does this mean you get another summer.That would be cool.. Nice shot of the pertty trees.

This week Wayne. 40C to day and going up to 45C on Friday.

45C is a tad HOT I ride in our summer in 100 F - 110 F . every day. It's all good. The heat I don't much mind it's the cold I can't stand.

45C is ok here except when the humidity is high. My arthritis doesn't like the cold.

Tezza do you remember what is to the left of those trees ? Still missing my golf partner.

Leonay Golf Course and in those trees would be a few of your balls. Smiley-laughing

Not wrong there Tezza. I play golf a bit like a dog, marked every tree on that course.

That's SYDNEY for Ya' Looks impressive anyway & Certainly something different .....
Ride Safe ...

Those trees are still in bloom.

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