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Spyder vs Emu - Black Dog Ride around Australia 2014

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Aussie wildlife comes off 2nd best with a crash involving a CanAm Spyder.....damn we have big birds!



A bike could have been disastrous.

Bloody hell on a bike it would've been the end for the rider. I like the way the rider held his line, unless of course he just didn't see it till impact which probably saved him from rolling over. Check out the shadow of the emu on the slow mo replay to the left.

Gaf taped up and back on the road, handy stuff to carry with you...

OMG!!! Like the other comments, think about riding on two wheels and smashing that size of birds....... I think he did a really good job to stay that easy.....

Wouldn't like to do that on two wheels.

All the above. Can't add any more.

good to see no one was hurt.

I'm glad all we have is chickens around here.

Now that was scary, if that had been me on the trike I would have been very mooshed by the time I did a three point turn.

Here you go Lesley..another one for your amusement:

Lol Yes, I definitely enjoyed that one. More, give me more Smiley-laughing

The encounter with the Ram, I've seen it before but I still had tears running down my cheeks with laughter, that is just so funny...

You might enjoy this one also Lesley, same angry Ram with a GoPro, he certainly is one mean Ram...

Looks staged. Better with the original. Sorry.

All the above. Hope he had a second pair of pants. Lucky.

ditto on all the comments

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