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still the same vibration


Video is nice and clear Randy.
What camera are you using?

Yeah clear. Where was it mounted?

Time to change that mount. Put a shorter arm on it or something. I have got a bunch of mount stuff that I dont use. I will bring it and you guys can pick through and see if ya'll want any of it before I will trash it

have you tried putting a little piece of rubber inside the case with the camera? Gert told me long ago to put a piece in to put pressure on the camera. It really helped

Good advice

This is the Rebel we are talking about. The Eken camera was not in a case and on the shortest mount there is. I had it mounted on the handlebar. It is just the shock's vibration bounce. I can tell the difference in the video when on smooth road and no acceleration it is good. Will have to get my chest mount out and play with the angle of it so it works.

No windscreen. That doesn't help either

my little bike vibrates like crazy I understand your pain

Allen, the vibration is the same with or without the windscreen.
Valerie, no pain involved at all, I'm just trying to watch out for you guys watching the video. Don't want to give you any visual caused migraine.

Randy, I'll never understand how people ride without one

Randy, I appreciate that. So are you going to go around telling guys to pull up their pants, cause all the butt cracks I see daily give me one heck of a headache

You should ride smoother roads.

Valerie, no, I'll just send Booger over, he does a great job of sticking his cold nose them letting them know it is showing. He did that to a guy that was fixing our fire place.
Wayne, smooth roads are a really rare encounter around here. If we do have them, they then throw a bunch of rock on them about a month later.

Guess Rebel just doesn't like cameras. LOL. Nice and clear though.

The two drive train squirrels want to act like a Harley. They were working really hard the other day. They got me up to a whole 68 mph uphill, that was their max output.

Hope you fed the squirrels after overworking them Randy. LOL.

It’s a good and nice video... vibration... Yes, even when I take the camera by hand there is some vibration. Like Val suggested, a little rubber between the mount en the camera can help, the shorter the mount the better it is, and closer to the engine helps sometimes although I know, it sounds strange...

I had severe vibration when I had an AVON tire. When I switched to another brand, it became much better, maybe
something to think about. I'm not saying it's so, but it worked for me. Ride Safe

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