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Stop playing and RIDE!

Watch on Vimeo

"Stop playing and RIDE!"
This is what Dana always shout to me....



Own Video: 


Looks like your playing while riding. LOL. Good to see you out and about.

Now we know how you get so many mounting positions.
Be careful you don't drop your camera.

WOW!! looks like your juggling a rubicks cube. Funny video Thanks..

Next time try to use three camera’s at the same time and keep them all in the air! I think you’ll manage that.... Yes, I saw you riding, never sit still for a moment. Or it is the camera, or your feet because of the music or... it can be everything, but just sit and ride seems to be impossible for you! A new challange... to listen to Dana ehhhh, I mean.... to just sit, relax and ride.... LOL

So where's the footage of the juggling camera...

Looks like to much dilly dum rupa dilly dum going on there...Lol !!!

Yes, that is Marek. He really needs to be in the film industry. Most of us do a video as side part of riding. Marek goes for a ride with thought of a video to make, the video being primary versus secondary.

Probably I have some letter combination.... ADHD or BIRS (Bloody Idiot Recording Syndrome)..... LOL

Multi talented!

You are good at what you do

Multi talent? I don`t know... Multi syndrome of some kind - yes! LOL

Ha ha ha ! Was that a Finn song? Sounded like that. (Juha ? Translate ? ) Smiley-laughing
I would have problems on many of the twisted roads up here to juggle with the camera like you do. Be careful mate ! Smiley-laughing the video...the tune is catchy and funny...but now it's stuck in my head !!

That's Eva's Polka !! Check out . Its the flute choir I play in. Enjoy !

HaHa Capt.... opening your “link” and listen again to the same tune and than again walk around for to days with the same music in my mind??? What do you think??? LOL

Yes. It stays with you and follows you around. I found an English translation to the words. Hilarious !

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