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Stuff I do when not riding

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Just wiring up the 1947 Ford coupe



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Not only do you get to see the progress of these builds, you get to do some of the major work. That's cool.

You have a cool pastime Scruffy. Are those customer cars or yours.

This is a friends 47 Ford he found in a ditch 5years ago. There really was nothing left of it. This is a what he likes to do. He saves the stuff anyone else would just toss. Then I come in and wire and run fuel and brake lines . We Have a great time doing this. Just for fun no $$$ exchanged. I don't charge friends.

He does have several for sale that are very nice and well out of my price range. I will ask him if it's OK to take picture of them.

Cool. Thanks Wayne.

Now, that's one quality build. I hope you get to cruise the finished product.

Wow! Cant even imagine where to start on a task like that

Hi Wayne - That is something I would love to be involved in doing - I love those types of Old School Cars, they make wicked Street Rods and Customs, and Race Cars too ... Horsepower, Rubber, Racing Fuel, Wild Custom Paint, CHROME - Must Have CHROME - Lots of it .... It would be great if you could get some photos of other vehicles ...
What a Great Way to while away the Winter Time .....
Good Stuff - Thanks Mate ... Keep 'em comin' ....
Ride/Drive Safe ....

I have to correct myself not a 1947 it's a 1937 Ford. I will get some pictures of the other stuff he has. I am sure I'll be wiring up and getting the brakes working on several others. I think the next prodject will be the 27 Nash. It's a two door open top rig. He wants to sell some of the stuff but I don't know how he will ever get that done. He has not put a for sale sign on anything or taken pictures so I don't think any one know there for sale yet. I think he just likes building them after the hard work is all done he parks them and starts something else.

Looks great Wayne looks great and a great sense of achievement when it’s completed

Cliffy ; We have a lot of fun while working on the cars. There is a small amount of beer involved and several other guys come over and watch and just BS. It gets me out of the house and off the couch.. It is fun to hear the engine fire up for the first time. This one will be more fun than most whne we get it on the race track and take a few laps..

Keep us up do date on its progress, if we can’t be there to help, watch and bullshit, the next best thing is to watch her grow.

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