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Stuff I do when not riding

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Finishing up the wiring and a quick walk around.



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You'll have to post progress pics Wayne.

We just started up after a couple years of down time. There are five more to do. The guy I am working with builds the cars, does not wire them up. Vey strange I will keep up with the progress. He was working on building a dash and mounting the clutch and brake master cylinders.

I would love to be involved with something like that.

Well come on up I'm sure we can put you to work. The 55 was crushed from the top down he just got the top finished and the Rear quarter pannel installed. It also has a 600 HP SB with Muncey 4 spd. He want's to push it out and bring in the 29 Nash. That is another story.. I'll keep posting pictures of the progress.

Great Stuff Wayne - Brilliant ... Looks to be a brilliant tradesman and looks like he Loves what he is doing .... and you are doing a fine job with the Wiring - Very Neat and well laid out ... Personal Satisfaction must give you guys a buzz, I know when I was working on bikes, especially doing custom work, I was always loving what I was doing and got a tremendous job satisfaction with never a unhappy customer ..... I loved being involved in a customers dreams brought to life .... I really miss those days .... Keep up the Great Work - Both of You !!!
Thanks Wayne -
Ride Safe ...

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