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Sunday.s Ride, Sept. 17, 2017

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Todd ( mileObandit) and me decided to go on a "Rolla Pub tour". Enjoy.


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Great to see you two going for a ride together! Same here about the color of the trees Bill, autumn is knocking on the door. I think it was about time you two found a moment because end of season can't be far away in Alaska isn't it, maybe a month to go?

You fly like a solid bird my friend! LOL

Very nice vid Bill!

Great video of you and Todd enjoying the day.

Alaska!! We're not that far north Gert. LOL.

Haha... I know Bill, but you showed me where the Alaska Highway starts, and I think that's in your town so it can't be that far is it?

Alaska is 2500 KMS from us. Dawson City in the Yukon is around 1500 KMS. But it still gets freaking cold here. LOL.

I didn't know it was still that far Bill! You live more south as I could imagine!!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

LOL. Not far enough south, I think sometimes though. LOL.

Yeah, I watch a television program as it is once a week on National Geografic about a family living in Alaska. Winters are long and cold and summers short and full of muskitos... (as far as they really show reality like they pronounce to do...)

Great video Bill. Looks like you both had a great time

Well I don't think you made the cover of The Rolling Stone, but you were a rolling along and that is good. Nice to see someone else wears yellow. I'm not alone anymore.

Great vid Bill really enjoyed it a lot. Good to see you out with others riding

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