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Sunny afternoon ride...

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Holly Smokes that truck was close!!! Don't get splatted on those narrow roads!

We have those narrow roads here... They are called footpaths. LOL.

Beautiful country side but I still can't get over the tinny roads. Very nice ride..

Another nice riding vid Gert. A weird assortment of vehicles sharing the narrow country roads.
Spring is evident and I bet you are enjoying it.

And you recognized me Gert? I thoght I was sooo wel disguised... Lol..

I also noticed the "patties" in the road when you backed up to recognize Marek. I think he may have scared the sh*t out of someone. What was with the vans parked on the side of the road? Crazy driver, he/she should have stopped as vans were on his side of the road. Not much different than drivers here.
Spring has definitely sprung. Same here. Will be even more so since we just got 2 inches of rain the last 2 days. We need to enjoy it while it last as come July/August it all turns brown as very little rain here.

It was a she Randy, but it could be a he.... because some of them drive the same isn’t it? The cars, I don’t know, I saw a a couple of men at the left side pf the road in a field. Don’t know why, bit it seems to me it were all company cars. Maybe inspecting a new type of grass??? LOL

Are you saying they legalized "the weed" there and everyone is now wanting to cash in on the new cash crop. It is a nuisance here as it is not a very nice smell as it matures and is ready for harvest. This is how it all got started.

Randy, I like the smell!! And to be honest, not that often but sometimes I still smoke a joint. Not inside the house, because the smell is a bit heavy, but walking the last round of the day with the dog so just before bedtime. It’s always nice how people react who also walk with their dogs the same time and sometimes look at me when we pass eachother... it happens they stop and look backwards and sniff a bit: “Is it real, do I smell a joint?” LOL I’m not living in a city you know. Most city’s you smell it at “every street corner, but I’m living in a so called farmer village and it doesn’t happen that often people smoke a joint here. I even have it on docters recepy!!! But I don’t want to smoke it that often. But so once in a time it really helps against pain and helps me to get some sleep...

Love the big windmill at around 1:30.

Lol ! Nice ride Gert, thanks!
About weeds, I`d never end up on top of a windmill in any circumstances if not trying to rescue some helpless kitten! Smiley-wink

Great to see you out and about enjoying the new bike - those roads over there are MAD - Not the place to be travelling in a hurry that's for sure .... Countryside looks blooming great Smiley-laughing
Nice One Gert -
Cheers & Ride Safe ....

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