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surprise when cleaning the Bird

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don't know what the issue was but tried multiple times to load into vimeo and it would only record about 1/2 of the video.  Dang computer gremlins.


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sorry for the quality as I mentioned the normal loading into vimeo did not want to work, it would not load the full video.

Awwww you got a road buddie!!!! So happy to see Roadie back in action. You can take him to see Marek with you!!!

Good luck!! Your going to need it!!

Don't put him to work you'll be sorry. YA Marek will like him over there.

OMG!!! That uggly animal is supporting you at the moment?! I would't ask him for any help cleaning your bike, because I'm not sure about the final result!

Be shure to supervise him around the bike. No doubt he wants to lay low. Probably sabotaged the video. Foxy Lady is looking for child support.

Good you put him to work. Make him earn his alcohol

Allen you know better. He wont earn it. He'll just take it.

No there is no child support needed from Foxy Lady. Roadie broke her heart before they were about to. She was going to give him a chance until she discovered him with Wayne's pig.

Of course Capt, I'm keeping him under very close observation all the time in everything. The weiner dogs are ready to tear the stuffing out of him if he gets out of hand while I'm at work.

Yeah right....
Until he visit me... Then the hell brakes out again!!! LOL

Roadie and a pig. That's a bad visual.

Just go back into my pics several years back. They were in the back of Wayne's Pontiac and the next morning passed out on top of each other on the table

The pig was not good for anything after then night

I'm not surprised. No doubt Roadie has deflowered quite a few around the world.

Probably not as many as he thinks as I suspect it didn't work have the time because he drank way too much and just thought he did.

I got a sign on the porch that talks about that.

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