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Got my bikercam, charged it a little, put it on my helmet and hit record! The video on YouTube does not compare to the vid quality that plays on my TV or computer from the sd card!! YouTube's playback is not good quality in my opinion!! When played from sd card, I can pause it and see the grass blades, and count the rocks beside the road! LOL


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When played on YouTube there is a blur. When played from sd card there is no blur whatsoever!

Nice ride. I never wanted a helmet cam though. I already look like a martian when I ride, I dont need an antenna, lol

Nice vid. Thanks for the ride.

I was beginning to think there was no traffic where you live, Tee. Was the road as smooth as the video or is it the stabilizers of the camera? Nice video

Sweet Tee! Love your town.
I think when you upload it to sites the files compress to take up less storage, hence lower quality.

Quality not to bad. I can stop it and read the road signs. You were 28 miles from Hagerstown at one point.

That works very well. nice and stable and clear. Nice area you have there.

Very nice vid Tee! It's what always happens when you download the vid with You tube, it takes some of the original quality. You can try Vimeo instead of youtube. It will give better quality, it's for free but only for one little vid a week. If you would like to download more using Vimeo you have to pay for it. You could try it for free to see the difference between Vimeo and youtube. Good camera quality! Very nice ride and vid. Thanks for your ride!!!

You're all welcome!! Yea, the vid quality on youtube isn't nowhere near as clear as from sd card. And Val, Tachyon bikercam comes with a few different accessories for mounting! Handlebar mount, clip on mount can mount in different ways. Smiley-laughing I'll throw some more vids in soon!

Oh, and AlenJulie, it is the stabilizer in camera. Everyone has commented how smooth it is when watching.

Worked very well

I watched full screen and quality was perfect.Even when paused at different places,the quality was awesome.
It was an enjoyable ride with some nice scenery etc.
The thing I did notice was when you approached a set of traffic lights (8:43), the colour of lights from red to green were not correct.

Funny you mentioned how clear Tezza. Just watched it again and it is clearer this time! Maybe it's my connection at home! LOL Also, I looked at the lights, and you're right! Maybe I can mess with settings or something. This was right out of the box with no adjustments whatsoever. Thanks for watching!! Smiley-laughing

looked fairly clear to me. did change the auto setting and watched in 1080. did make a difference. saw many cracks and beat up spots in the road. Could not count the blades of grass but can tell they are there. Looking forward for more. As I say, the price for GoPro for more does not give that much of a better picture to justify the cost especially of the mount fails and one loses a camera.

LOL Thanks Randy! I am extremely happy with what I got. And thanks for the tip of changing settings, It did make a difference!

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