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For Tezza # 5 MLC

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Just a teaser for you Tezza


Own Video: 


VERY nice, That would e a big teaser for me too.

So, Spratty, what's the back story to this little beauty !?

Tezza revived an old post from about 1yr ago of my mate and his new Indian Scout, so I thought I'd give Tezza an uodate as he seemed interested.

Ahhh ... so you're not going to spring a new purchase on us ... lol

That's a teaser for all of us. Good looking Indian Spratty

No not for me Vardy, however I did have a look at the new triumph that is nice

Looks nice Spratty, you teaser.

... Thruxton R Spratty ... mmm mmm mmm!

Oh yeah and one of those as well

Very nice Dave. I like the seat and pegs. I'm going for the smoke black with the same stage 1 slip-ons.

I hate being teased with erotic images...I mean exotic....LOL!!!

Tezza, Mark has the stage ones as well and it does sound good.

So when is this new acquisition happening and what's happening to the C50 ?

Nothing till my knees are in good shape. I'm thinking I could be a contender for MBS.
I hope to get one by the end of the year.

Thats awesome, love the way your thinking Tezza. I'd really love to add a #3 a Triumph Bobber

I`d rather go for this beauty Indian ! Smiley-wink

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