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Tezza's Update

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I've been out of action for a while and thought I'd bring everyone up to date.



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You look a little pale there brother Tezza, need some of that riding sun UV soon. Hope all is going to plan and full recovery for WH this year. Hope your out with us soon.

I hear you Terry. I realize I didn't do much video last couple of months, maybe even this whole season. I'm sorry for that, I just can't find the time and to be honest... Can't find the right spririt to go and sit for a couple of hours to make a vid and nearly nobody seems to be interested to watch the damned thing... Simply because there are not much views, and for sure not much respond... (Ohh yeah!! There are still a few of you and it's much appreciated). But I promise you, I'll try to make some time because I still have a lot of material I can use to add some vids and we' re still in our summer season...

Wish you all the best, a month seems to be a long time, but when you look back a month is nothing so you will do your first rides very soon from now!!! Glad to see you my friend, thanks for the update!

Good to see you Terry. Hang in there you can do this. Not much longer

I hear ya Terry and Gert. It's been a busy year for me, not a lot of time to do any vids and it seems no one watches them or responds anyways. Glad your on the mend though Terry. Hang in there.

Terry, I'm in complete agreement. The community has helped me along a long road back. Just beginning the restart and it feels amazing. My friend Robert and I were hobbling around on canes when we jokingly came up the Ruptured Duck M.C. Heal well and quickly.

OMG, not only were you on the wrong side of the road, you weren't even looking where you were going.
Yes, not as many any more commenting on videos and pics, but will continue to do them when I have time and can. Part of the issue I feel is that there is SO MUCH out there media wise now days, that everything is diluted and hard to keep anyone's attention.
Will be looking forward to seeing you back on the bike. One of the guys I play racquetball with, he is 70 and has had both of his knees replaced.

Good to see ya Tezza. Glad your getting around. We have video's to go through, ourselves. Still lots from Yellowstone, a benefit ride from last weekend, and another benefit ride coming this weekend. Will be getting them done though

Get your shit together mate or I am coming over to ride your bikes!
Just joking....sort of ...... Smiley-laughing my friends. Getting better and stronger every day now.

Almost there Tezza, neat trick with vid by the way

Thanks Dave. First go at green screen but I need to get better lighting.

Good to see you Terry ... not long now!

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