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Thank U All!!!

Watch on Youtube

Special thanks to people who take theit time a made video- and photo wishes;

Allen, Edwins, Tezza Randy, Bill, Gert...... And people on Skype....


I´m very touched realizing that so many remebers me... 

Thank You guys!!!!!



Own Video: 


I don't celebrate birthdays much either. could have been the one that I did (the 21st) that ruined the rest of them. There was 12 hours that I don't remember and could have done stuff that I regret. Probably another reason I don't drink much now. The only other birthday I will look forward to is 67 when I can semi retire providing social security is still around. Not holding my breath on it though, nor planning on it being there. If it is, just icing on the cake.
- Hang in there Marek, winter is almost over and I'll be there to visit in May.

Was glad to do it. About the 1:50 mark you couldn't say it with a straight face, lol

YOU forgot ME !!!! HE! HE!! HE!!! HOW could we forget the GREAT Polssken. Everyday above ground is a good day Right and another day of riding

We remember you Marek because we can't forget you.

You are welcome !! Just keep in mind that getting older beats the alternative..

Nat King Cole wrote a song about you Marek .... Unforgettable!!!

I agree Peter, unforgettable!!!!!

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