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The Birth of the ‘BLOODY IDIOT’

Thousands of years ago, in the time of the Australian Aboriginal Dream Time, a boy child was born. As he grew his parents, grandparents, Uncles and Aunties and others of his clan identified that this boy was different.

He would wander the land collecting shiny shells and stones. He tamed the great Beasts that also wandered this vast land. He painted the Beasts in bright colours of ochre and adorned them with the shiny shells and stones he had collected and at the same time he dressed himself in clothes made of leather studded with bone.

The people of his clan gazed in amazement as he raced across the scorched earth on the back of his Giant Wombat, his long dark hair flowing in the wind screaming ‘I am free, I am free’.

One day the Great Spirit looked down on the lad and declared ‘you are a bloody idiot and will remain this way for the rest of your life’.

And the boy was proud.

As the boy grew into a man he found a woman who was also different. They in turn also had children and slowly the Bloody Idiot clan spread to Europe and the Americas.

Then as quickly as the Bloody Idiot clan grew they died out. Nobody knew why.

Thousands of years later, in the year of 1955 another boy child was born. As before his parents, grandparents, Uncles and Aunties identified he was different. His father would be heard to say to anyone who would listen ‘my son is a Bloody Idiot’. ‘I swear he is a throwback to the Bloody Idiots of old’.

Again as the boy child grew he started collecting shiny objects. Then in his teen years he discovered the two wheeled beast known as the motorcycle. The boy soon learnt to tame the beast. He also wore cloths of leather and adorned the ‘beast’ with shiny bits and pieces. He grew his hair long covered his body with images of skulls and animals. He would also disappear for days on end. On his return he would declare he had met others with his beliefs.

As time went by and the boy grew more rebellious his community declared ‘he is a Bloody Idiot’.

And the boy was proud.

With the advent of technology the boy, who by now had grown into an old man, met another Bloody Idiot living in Europe. The European Bloody Idiot declared that the old man known as Robin001 was the President and Robin001 declared the European Bloody idiot known as Polssken, the Vice President.

And so it was born, The Bloody Idiots Social Motorcycle Club.

You have been identified as a throwback of the original Bloody Idiot. For this reason you have been chosen to wear the patch of the BLOODY IDIOT SMC. As you sew this patch on your clothes of leather you must chant ‘I am a Bloody Idiot and proud’ three times. You must be prepared to accept the pills prescribed by the Bloody Idiots SMC Social Director. You must read the words of wisdom written by the Secretary. And you must obey the directives of the Sergeant at Arms.

Wear the patch proudly.


The President          Vice President

Robin001                  Polssken




I hope they listen and obey Mr. President!

Now it´s only a couple of days.....
I already rearrenged patches on my vest...

Well done Mr. Vice President. Well done.

It is my DUTY to set a good example, Mr President....

Best right hand man I've ever had.

I´m doing my best....

Well done Mr president and Vice president!
I will wear the patches with pride and chant:
You are a bloody idiot!
You are a bloody idiot!
You are a bloody idiot!

I F@#$^D that up already, didn't I ?

$#it! I must be a bloody idiot as well!

Seriously, thanks Rob and Marek, a lot of thought and effort went into that!

That was a Bloody Idiot production and proud to be associated. I will wear my patch with pride. This Bloody Idiot just needs to learn to sew now

Do I have to wear leather during the day as well now?

Excellent production you bloody idiots

Well done gentlemen and I accept the membership of BISMC. Rob....I'm a bit concerned that the patches were released in the video in the upside down position. I can only hope this was for the benefit of the northern hemisphere and not as a distress signal. Also, my neck is really sore from trying to stand on my head to read the print on the patches. lol
Thank you both very much.

Yep. I was considering the brothers and sisters up north. You are all welcome. Could not have done it without our VP. A Bloody Idiot in the first order.

Sorry guys for confusing you by messages....
My bad....
Will NEVER happen again!!!

what 'appens 'eaR???

this place lOOks like its full of blOOdy idiots!!.......I obviously wont fit in heRE!! :-((

It's alright Marek, I'd expect it from a Bloody Idiot!

Now will you sew on all my patches? My BLOODY IDIOT SMC and all my other one's!

Answer is ........

I can´t ... Don´t now how... I´m not worthy...

Good job mate!

You Bloody Idiots.

That was awesome! Very cool indeed. Congratulations on getting your patches, you guys! Post lots of pics, okay?

Well done Rob and Marek.
Rob I tried several times to Skype you and your name dont work for me Bro, send again please

thats wild guys!

Very cool!!!!

THEY are here THEY are everywhere. THEY are mates. MATES you can count on.

Luv you mate.

I am surrounded by love. Reminds me of the 60s. Vaguely remember them. So long ago.

60'? Love is in your hair... errr in the air? Hold on. You were born in 55.... you aren't in your 60's.... lol

Who is the Sergeant at Arms ???
I assume the patches were presented exactly the way they have to be applied on ones vest...

No. The Bloody Idiot patch goes above the member patch. Naturally they go the right way up. Are you a Bloody Idiot LuckyLuke?

Rob & Polsken, brilliant, good on the pair of you, that was ace!! My missus is always telling me I'm a bloody idiot, but you guy's are the true master's! I salute you both Smiley-laughing

i do think if i get one put on right side up but seeing how it from OZ it will be upside down here so i'll be a bloody idiot for sure and i'll be proud ( do i bang me nuts together when i sew it on i have to sew fast it could get pain full )

I am a bloody idiot and proud!
I am a bloody proud idiot!!
I AMA proud bloody idiot

I'll wear with pride mates

OK. So where's your bloody email beachy. You didn't read the instructions. LOL

Rob... It seems that they can´t read OR don´t give a damn what their President says!!!!
Oh dear!

Oh! well. THEY are Bloody Idiots after all.

I'm onto it Rob I only got it today and I'm still trying to eat. I'm a bloody idiot I can't eat and breath at the same time, I keep passing out!

Oh Dear AGAIN!!!!! LOL

Sorry I passed out again, I was reading Marek's post.
Sent an email now Smiley-laughing

I'm not understanding this. I've been asking and no one is answering me. Okay, so how is a person chosen to wear a patch?

I'm lost....

Have you got a GPS? Try typing in bloody idiot, it may take you to Clyde in the US

Beachy.... NOW it´s too late... LIsten to me!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! BEACHY!!!BEACHY!!!BEACHY!!!
WAKE UP!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

Was I snoring again?


Don't think that was snoring!

I thought I am, Marek might disagree he saw me in person lol

Kaye a Bloody Idiot is born. It is then up to my Vice President and me to declare their heritage.

Smiley-laughing and would like to see ya again for a little longer time

Oh, okay....thanks, Rob!

Come over here you BI VP and bring your ollady with you lol

The President has spoken!

You never know Kaye. Marek and I may have another vision in the near future. We just don't know if we have to be drunk or sober when we have them. The bloody hangovers are the killer.


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