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Throttle Roll 2017

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Matt01 and I took this show in on Easter Saturday.
It is in the inner west of Sydney.
We look forward to this every year.


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Nice slideshow. Lots of different bikes. Good to look at. But don't know about driving them

I recall you posted photos of the last one you went to, some really unique and interesting cycles in that lot, nice share Steve.

Thanks Steve ... one day my Sportster will feature in that slide show! Some interesting custom jobs.

The organisers are copping a bit of stick because of the clash of cultures that is emerging at Throttle Roll. The traditionalists want the show to stick Cafes, Bobbers and Trackers and have less of the choppers and custom cruisers that are becoming more visible each year.

Then it will become boring. I love seeing all the different styles, even scooters.

Yep ... diversity is king ! That's why I love all styles.

Harley riders cop a lot of stick because of their aggressive commitment to one brand/style of bike. Well! Let me tell you , there are lots of other groups in the motorcycling world who are just as bad. My little collection covers several genres ... vintage/classic , Café, crotch rocket, cruiser and adventure ... if I roll up to a meet with other than the designated style for that meet I get an earful. BMW adventure riders are the worst! According to them, the GS is the ONLY adventure bike to have ... and the way they will only dress in BMW branded gear makes me PMSL ... and they take the piss out of Harley riders !! Same same .

I can't stand the "Mine is best" attitude!!!
Vardy, at least you are loyal to two wheels no matter what the brand!

Yes, Dub, just get out and rrriiiiide!!

Great coverage Steve. There's no limit to what some bike owners are capable of when adding some of those embellishments. Good to see yours and Matts bikes in there.

Very nice bikes. Sure had a variety of cool machines on display.

Thanks Steve , certainly some very unique bikes amongst them.

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