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This is one of many evening departures from the Spirit of St. Louis Airport. My late friend, Shawn (R.I.P.) is flying the first leg of our shift to Jackson, MS then we will switch seats five times after stops in New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Kansas City before arriving back at Spirit of St. Louis some nine and a half hours later providing that there is favorable weather along each leg of the flights.



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Sorry for your loss, my friend.

Thanks Edwins, though Shawn was piloting Boeing 777's at the time of his untimely death, he was new to motorcycles and got interested after seeing the enthusiasm that I had for bikes. We rode our bikes together on several occasions. He was riding his Honda CBR500 to the airport on a Saturday afternoon
and was struck by a woman who ran a stop light and instantly killed at age 39.

Dude you told me some of your flying stories. I hope that is not you behind the wheel !!!
Sure sorry about your friend

Condolences Brother - Take Care TopGun - RIP Shawn .... Ride Free ...
Ride Safe -

That sucks. RIP shawn.. Be careful out there everyone...

RIP Shawn.... Cool vid TG.

So sad, RIP Shawn. I hope that I either die in my sleep or die instantly doing what I love. I keep telling my wife and daughter that if I die riding my bike, I was happy in the death. Would rather go that way than the more likely way of slowly dying over a course of the last several months of life rotting away. Great video and remembrance.

Sorry for the loss. Nice view from the sky

My deepest sympathy TG. Cool video showing another form of exilerating travel.

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