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Todd, you asked for a tiny road? Here it is...

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That road did get narrow. No we don't have a signs like that. Hell I don't even know what it says, lol

Now that's the roads I remember! We had a tour bus down one of those a few times looking for a German Radar station in Normandy. But I didn't see those handy side pullouts back then. This is the Europe I miss soo much, and again, wish I was riding along with you on that ride along those green fields. Thanks Gert for the video, pretty tough for us up here in North western Canada to top that one...........

Used to take the dirt roads up to Cripple Creek from Colorado Springs. Could have used some of those pull overs.
This isn't mine but you'll get the idea. I see they've improved the road a little, at least until snow melt and rains do their thing.

Yes Gert we have a similar sign and condition but very few pay attention to it. It is on a two lane road going up a steep grade and slower vehicles (motorhomes, trucks, tractors, etc) are to pull over into the pullout and let the other faster vehicles go by when there are 3 or more vehicles behind them.
- I suspect when two vehicles meet and can't pass each other, the "littlier" vehicle has to back up til get to the pull out spot to let the "bigger" rig through.

No we don't have signs like that on our "footpaths" Gert.... LOL.

That is tiny little road. We call them sidewalks here.

Certainly is tiny.

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