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trial 2 of new camera on the Rebel

Watch on Vimeo

behind the windscreen on the handlebar, some vibration but less than before.  slowly getting use to the camera.


Own Video: 





That turned out good. Nice cool weather just like here now.

Nice little vid. Looks like your getting the hang of the new camera.

New camera works pretty good. Nice video

Looks nice. Not too much vibration

Camera seems to work fine Randy. I'm just wondering about the UFO around 2:53.

Nothing wrong with your vision Tezza, I did not notice it nor do I remember anything about being probed. it does appear to be an UFO.

I tried mounting my camera behind the windshield but I got too much reflection . I just got a new "ram mount that fits on my brake reservour and seems to work ok I will put up a post if the snow ever stays away for a couple of days . every time I get ready to go it snows again

That should be a good place Bob.

Much better Randy! Parking infront of the door, one of the big benefits riding a bike!

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