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trial of different mount of camera on the Rebel

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That’s a nice little ride to go to work. Specially the way back home can be nice when the weather is not to bad and you make a few extra km’s, just to empty your head before you arrive home... I don’t think there is a better way to it!!! (Specially now, knowing there are 1000 pieces waiting at home!!! LOL)

The only thing is, you have to dress yourself in bikergear two times a day for only a few minutes ride. Going by car would make that more easy, just go and that’s it...

I have the same using my camera on the Honda CB 500. A little vibration but I also don’t
Iike the camera on my helmet. Gives me the feeling to ride around like a Teletubbie! I also mount the camera on one of my mirrors, it’s mostly the left mirror I use. Last two vids I add, both a few days ago, the camera was also mounted on my left mirror and vibration was not too bad, but same as you... it’s better when mounted on our bigger, more solid bikes... but hé, I’m glad to be able to go for a ride this early in season using the little bike and I’m sure you think the same about that using the Rebel!

Nice video. Liked where the camera was mounted.

Gert you are so right about getting dressed to ride the short bit to work. 3 reasons I ride to work, 75 mpg is better than 13 mpg in the truck, parking spaces for cages are small and so easy to get door dings, and it is just more fun than driving. As you see, I get to park really close (actually in the main hospital building versus in the parking garage I rode by. This spot is also much warmer than the open parking garage.
And as you say, a ride is ride even if it is short.

The scooter in the garage probably belongs to a "scooter" mama. Maybe she is like me, has a big motorcycle at home to go on the open road to be a motorcycle mama.

Nice little ride to work. I could tell it was a little on the cool side from the van's exhaust, but a rides a ride.

You guys have the same garbos as us, just on the wrong side of the road.

No wonder you had camera shake Randy. Four degrees C and the camera is shivering. Smiley-wink
Seriously, it's a problem with a lot of bike videos. Depending on the bike, camera and mount.
My latest video had a lot of vibration because I used a different mount on the handle bar.
Another thing I found was more vibration in low light. I use Mercalli 4 for removing shakes etc. but it even struggles with low light scenes.
I'm playing around with alternative mounts and hope that I can come up with something soon.

Terry, 4 C is perfect riding weather, just need to be appropriately dressed for it. With my yellow and the Rebel being black it is like a buzzing bumblebee. OF course bumblebees have a slight vibration about them.

Does the job quite OK - Much better than the crash bar - minimal vibration - all good !!!

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