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Per trip for Aussie Steve

Watch on Vimeo

Just riding down the road to Pendelton OR.



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Nice blue sky and temps. Hopefully everything checked out with the bikes

They ran great. Only thing is Randy used the brakes like he would on his C50T . He got a real surprise mine work way better. He did a little sliding a couple times. That is the bike Steve and Trish will be riding.

Glad it checks out okay.

That was a great little vid you made always like the countryside

Steve, make sure you have a roll of TP packed. Washington, Oregon, Idaho have fair amount of rest stops. Wyoming has almost none. Very few trees to hide behind either.

I'm watching all your vids Wayne and now I've a question. Most of your vids showing much open space. Isn't there always very much wind during your rides? I mean.... it's open land how far you can see!!!

Gert on a clear day you can see about 60-70 miles. We can see both mountain ranges the Blue mountains and the Cascade Mountain range, each are between 60 and 100 miles away.The wind can be blustery at times. Today it was 30-40 mph with gusts around 50 mph. Just ask Randy about the wind up here. If you want to ride you learn to ride in the wind. A really windy day is when you can't see across the road 20-30ft because of the dust. Then it's about 60-70 mph winds. It blows quite often here.

Fantastic. And with the Eagles!!!!

Nice country mate!
That original Left hand turn from the Right lane into the left lane and crossing to the left lane had me spinning. I will be sticking close to you.
I'll bring Rusty some WD40.

Rusty wants to sell his C50T now and get a Strat. He said it was way easier to ride than his. He liked the way it took the bumps nice and smooth.

Yes Gert, like Sweden breeze but much stronger.

Nice riding vid Wayne.

Thanks Tezza. I'll Have more once Steve and Trish get here

Look forward to your vids.

Very Nice video Wayne !
Easy Feeling fits right in ! Hats off to both you and the Eagles!
Thanks for the ride ! Smiley-laughing

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