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Trying to Stay Young

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Sweet! Looks like a beautiful day.
Glad you guys are finally getting out again.

Gotta love the spring. Soon it will be almost as hot as I am told you guys get

We get it pretty hot down here Val. A couple of months ago we were having 50C+ (130F) days.
Theres not much you can do in that heat, except try and stay cool and drink heaps. Trish says it should be water but beer has water in it?

LOL and I dare to complain at 106F....
Your right beer does have water in it, so what's the problem? Smiley-laughing

I truly enjoy your videos. Heat? Spent a year on the backside of 29 Palms without A/C. Why yes, I am crazy. LOL

Glad you enjoyed it Edwin
No AC good lord man. Your tough

Riding motorcycle's is a great way to stay young. Good for you Valerie

Nice vid again Val. And what a beautiful blue sky. It doesn't happen very often we can make a ride only wearing a t-shirt, even in the middle of summer you say it's just Spring!

Beautiful "mood" in that vid Valerie. Nice! That brilliant blue sky reminds me of the big sky country we have here. You would feel right at home riding in the backblocks of Australia!

Well when my ship comes in I will have to check that out. But as it looks my ship is the sister to the titanic. LOL

NIce ride VAl. WE just had torrential rains and hail with 45-60 mph winds. Not spring yet not here.

Sorry to hear that it's got a dry up sooner or later

I hope it gets better by the end of the month so I ride in sunshine instead of rain. For the trip south to see PHIL in CA.

Nice ride Val. Great to see you out and about. Enjoy.

You have the best prescription for staying young Val.
Riding a motorcycle.

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