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Tuesday Afternoon

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cant figure out where the smudges are coming from. Tried 2 different cameras and get the same, cant see anything on the case but I think I will have to get another one


Own Video: 





Nice country roads.

Nice!! Thanks for the ride Val.

I had a go pro case with a very (tiny) little scratch on the inside that refracted the light. I thought that a bug was on the lens. That made the pic look smudged. I could not see it either. I did what you just did get new one. Nice ride like the tunes too...

Well that was therapeutic Val I now feel all relaxed thank you

Good. We all need to relax once in a while Smiley-laughing

The sky was sure blue. Nice video

Another nice video and tune Val.
There is nothing wrong with your cameras. I noticed that the sun is overhead and the smudge could be a reflection off some chrome work on your bike. You will notice that the smudge disappears when you ride under the shade of the trees.

It can be that small so you can’t find it to clean! I had the same...
Nice vid anyway Val!

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