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Two of my best soulmates...

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a Sundayafternoon walk. I know, it’s not bikerelated, but this is how we spend some of our time yesterday afternoon... and it was quality time!!! Kootwijk is a little village surounded by forests and only about 20 kilometers from our home. Great to go there for a walk together with my wife Simone and our 4 months old dog Bodhi...


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Very nice way to spend your Sunday afternoon

Hi Simone!! Love your puppy!!!

nice little area. is this within walking distance of home or have to drive a bit

Nice little walk with the family..

A great way to spend quality time with the family.

Randy, this is about 20km from home, so a bit far for a walk. We take the car to go there. It's close a village named Kootwijk, only 328 people live there. It's really a small village. No shop, two churches, one bar and a little hotel/reataurant, some houses, mostly farms and all surrounded by forrests... We realy like the place to go for absurdst walk but I also like the area when I just go for a little hour ride. Some pic's and vids I took there, for example the one I used to introduce myself on this site, but also when I showed my tent in a vid I did for Nobby and some more... The safety story for Bill Mc Coy...etc, etc... It's a very nice place to go, specially when I want to be on my own for a moment, because we don't have that much places in Holland anymore... Here is one left, and I like it!

Nothing like a nice relaxing walk with your family.

It sounds like a sacred ground to me Gert. Almost needs to be made into a monument to keep it that way versus someone coming through bulldozing everything down and building all over it. these places are what I enjoy, the big cities and crowding is not my lifestyle.

At the beach

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