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Uwe's Heimat

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Can you imagine this? We made a ride on the 2nd November to Germany! Normaly the weather isn't that good this time of the year.... so, we were very lucky!

We visited Germany, Uwe's Heimat (Uwe's homeland) and I did a few sentences in German language during the vid...... I think most of you can understand it but here is a little translation: 
"For Uwe, we are in Germany....... look at that! A menu........ This is how the home country from Uwe looks, Germany.......... very nice girls in Germany........ this is the menu again, I realy have to say, the Germans surely know how to cook! You can't see that when you watch Uwe, but here in Germany you can!!!"

Music: 99 luftballons - Nina Hagen.


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I gather you didn't go on the hi speed Autobahn down there. I'm telling you, you need to open up the bike once in a while to blow the cow webs out of the system. Yes you get plenty to eat there. When Rochele and I lived there back in 1984-1987, we would usually order just one serving then split it. I could never eat my serving as there was always too much.

You don't know me good enough Randy! I can assure you my brother and I, we don't share a plate! Smiley-wink

Ich habe eine große Freude, Gert einzuführen - Sprachgenie. Er kann sprechen Niederländisch, Deutsch, Englisch, French, Schwedisch, und Gott weiß, wie viele mehr ...


Good one Gert!!!

Haha.... I can order food and drinks speaking french Marek, I don't realy speak and write french but I can manage a table in a restaurant, ask the right way,.... let's say.... just enough to servive.... un très petit peu!

thanks, Gert, now I feel really homesick Smiley-wink

Gert you a world traveler. It seems every month your in a new country. Good for you

Nice one master Gert. Cool little video. You really come up with some great ideas.

Another great vid Gert. Keep them coming and hope the weather keeps up for you.

It's changing now Bill..... This night we will have the first below zero night! But you never know, and I have my bike at home all year know, so when it's possible during the afternoon, even when it's just for one hour........

The roads are dry here, but very dusty from all the gas and oil traffic. The other day coming home from the bank I looked around the corner at the intersection and I saw a Harley sitting in front of a café.

So there are still a few guys on there bikes at your place Bill?

Another great vid from Gert studios. You sure get around mate, which is good because we get to travel with you.

Only the one I saw Gert.

Nice gert. Like the Nina too.

Great video for Uwe. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

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